veggie pizza

The Original New York Style Pizzeria in Poway

John Crosser has been making his famous thin crust pizza in San Diego for 15 years. From his popular pizza shop in San Diego, John now brings his thin & perfectly chewy crust, with awesome San Diego toppings & flavor combinations to you, made from scratch every day. Located right next to the Original Pancake House, John looks forward to you stopping by for a slice, sitting down with the family, or ordering delivery of his huge slices.

A little secret about our dough, we "proof" it overnight, which ensures that it has a "flaky" finish without a "cracker" quality.

giant pizza

Pacific Pizza does things the old-fashioned way (and goes against the "corporate" norm). The famous pizzas, unique toppings and mouth-watering dishes of our pizza chef have been made from scratch in San Diego county since 2001. Our artisans hand-make and toss all of our dough in the "old-school" manner and bake them to perfection. All of our sauces are made in-house; all of our toppings are prepared fresh daily and all of our cheese is 100% real mozzarella.